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Turning Higher Delivery Rates into Revenue

Revenue from an email campaign increases by 1% for every percentage point you get closer to a 100% delivery rate. Based on a sensitivity analysis that we performed on the retail industry, a marketing campaign with a 90% delivery rate stands to see…


Spam Traps, Litigators & Delivery

Successful email campaigns are all about audience. You want to deliver compelling content to those you want to reach. A truly successful email delivery campaign is equally mindful of the other audience: those you don’t want to reach. This audience includes spam traps,…


Email Deliverability Techniques

Warming up your IP addresses prior to sending out your campaigns can be incredibly helpful in making sure it doesn’t seem like you’re a spammer. Email service providers flag dormant IP addresses when they begin sending to big lists without prior history. This…


Set up the proper policies. Know the laws and penalties.

All the email cleaning, scoring, and hygiene control in the world will not protect your campaigns if you do not have the proper policies in place with your marketing team. Let’s first talk about the process you should be establishing before you hit…


First thing’s first: Make sure your emailing setup is taken care of.

First, we must make a distinction between types of emails you will be sending. This is important because the health of the IP addresses that you are sending from determine the crowd that ESPs recognizes you as being a part of.