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Remove hard bounces

Hard bounces are the most damaging thing to your reputation as a sender. Remove them before you send to avoid getting blocked.

Improve Deliverability

Its simple, the higher the quality of your data the higher your deliverability and inbox rates will be.

Protect Sender Score

Sending emails is expensive and email verification is like insurance for your sender reputation. Remove bad data before your email campaign and avoid getting blocked.

Unleash Email Analytics

Discover your datas activity and social media presence with our enhanced analytics.

Real-time Bulk or Live API

Stop bad data from getting into your database as its collected or simply automate your cleaning routine to insure you never send to bad data.

Enhanced Reporting

Get precise, detailed reports showing you in real-time, a breakdown of your data so you can see for yourself how much of it is truly valid and usable.

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Why US ?

Email Verification & Analysis at its best
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At VeriAS we use our secure platform to verify, analyze and score email lists to flag any and all potentially malicious email addresses for our clients. Our customers rely on our data services to help increase their online marketing, sales, and research capabilities. Our approach is a 3-pronged assault on sub-par data:


We ping / make a flash connection to each email to ensure it is active. Hard bounces, mailbox full / soft bounces, inactive emails are recognized and moved out of the top rated data accordingly. A hard bounce is one of the most damaging forms of email data, it is vital to eliminate these emails from a list in order to have a successful campaign.


VeriAS analyzes the data and proceeds to eliminate any duplicates, invalid domain names, harvested email addresses and potential spam traps guaranteeing that only usable valid email addresses are being used for mailing campaigns. Included in this process is noting if a subscriber has an online profile in effort to asses whether the address is actively used.


We score against provided fields such as name, signup info, address, etc (when provided) during the verification process. We are constantly updating our list of data points we use to score data against. Things like 11111111@, test@, admin@, legal / edu, profanity, etc are scored lower and moved out of the top recommended data folder. Ultimately the scoring process analyzes the probability of each email taking a positive action to customer mailings.

Our Skills Are

  • Up To 98% Bounce Rate Reduction

  • Up To 30% Increase In Open Rates

  • Potential Average Inbox Placement Rate of 88%

  • Up to a 250% increase in ROI after cleaning

Our Skills are excellent

The More You Use VeriAS The More You Save!

For Email Service Providers

To clients, the most important aspect of email marketing is without a doubt Email Deliverability; nothing matters as much as making sure your messages reach their intended destination and in a timely fashion. Our researchers have found that 80% of email marketers list the deliverability rate of their emails as their deciding factor when selecting an email technology provider.
Your digital assets are one of your biggest investments. Don't allow poor quality data to hijack your deliverability. VeriAS offers the fastest, most efficient and successful way to deliver vital email intelligence solutions.

For Companies

The world of email marking has undergone drastic changes in the past couple of years. Where marketers used to be able to simply send emails to any address they could obtain, now email providers have been working diligently to block unwanted messages. These obstacles combined with anti-spam legislation has left email marketers in a serious predicament.


Avoid spam traps and spam filters

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Increase inbox placement

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Increase click through and conversion rates

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Optimize your data assets and data feeds

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For Digital Agencies

VeriAS was developed by and for digital marketing professionals. Every year, traditional marketing agencies are expanding their reach into the digital space in an effort to provide their clients with more value-added services.
By leveraging VeriAS' solutions, agencies can remove hard bounces, identify spam traps, and provide additional insight into your client's email list prior to mailing.


Increase ROI for your clients

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Extract social media linked accounts for targeted campaigns

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Additional revenue stream for your agency

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Save clients' money by removing bad/undesirable

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One simple click away from great deliverability

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500,000 - 1,000,000
$ 0.0015 / email
1,000,000 - 2,000,000
$ 0.0010 / email
2,000,000 +
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VeriAS is designed to empower legitimate email marketers. VeriAS will not tolerate anyone attempting to abuse this platform for spam.

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