Verias delivers technology platforms that provide and support online engagement and analytics.

Our unique software systems enable SMS routing and delivery, Data Management and Analytics, and Email Scoring. This empowers our clients to reach customers with the highest propensity to engage and convert.

Why Choose Verias as your SMS Sending Platform?

We provide a highly price competitive and tailored SMS service for text messaging capabilities over dedicated short and long codes. Our platform manages SMS subscriber data and engagement through scheduled sends in a compliant fashion.

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SMS Platform Features


Both one-off and recurring Job scheduling
Support for multiple creatives per job
Automatic short URLs for links
Offer management system
Preview, Click and Conversion event tracking
Data pass-through capabilities
Email or Mobile number based opt-out support
Automated Opt-out/Stop message handling
Link Conversions and values from any external tracking system back to the specific subscribers
Per short/long code mailbox for inbound messages


API's for creating and managing subscribers
Support for data isolation in lists
Dynamic Data Segment builder
Subscriber vertical/engagement/value tracking
Support custom data fields and data pass-through
TCPA Litigator and complainer scanning
Automated number deactivation handling
Data streaming capabilities for shipping subscribers and events to external platforms
Built in Suppression list support
Built in Blacklist support


Automated Welcome, Help and Opt-out messaging
Support for Keyword flows
Support CCPA 'do-not-sell'
TCPA sending hours restrictions are automatically enforced

For inquiries on SMS Platform pricing and information, reach out to our Sales Team

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Why Choose Verias as your Email Analytics provider?

We offer value to our customers in 3 simple ways:
We Verify, Analyze, and Score your data to show immediate results in your email campaigns.


We validate your email records in your customer list, so your content is reaching the intended audience.

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Eliminate duplicates, catch bad domains, uncover malicious emails and/or phone numbers in your database.

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Let our algorithm do the work to deliver value that will allow you to target the gold within your own customer list.

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Key Email Analytics & Validation Features

With Verias as your deliverability partner for email campaigns, you get the best email validation service for creating active and valid email lists.

Verias dashboard interface
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Real-time Bulk & API Verification
Verify data in real-time through our API, or upload large data files with one simple click.
Freshness Scoring
Find the freshness of your leads using the data that you have in conjunction with our AI that will evaluate the engagement & activity of your contacts.
Remove Hard Bounces
Identifying hard bounces is our specialty and we do it with a 98%+ accuracy. Say good-bye to all of those invalid emails and phone numbers that prevent your delivery and sending goals.
Spam Trap & Abuse Checker
Most of your headaches will come from these emails as you battle to get off of blacklists or settle law suits. Luckily, we can help you with both and do it better than anyone.
Unleash Email Analytics
Offering in-depth analytics is one of the greatest things that sets us apart from the rest. We provide overviews of list hygiene instantly when you use our bulk validation service.
Insightful Reporting
Our professional reports give you drill-down information on your emails in a concise way with guides to each type of email right in the report to save you time because every minute counts.

We Make sure your data is valid and healthy before You hit send. This gives you a solid data reputation.

We Offer Competitive Email Verification Pricing Guaranteed

We will customize and tailer the pricing to meet your individual business needs.

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Prepaid pricing

We reward you for knowing what you need with a prepaid credit model that allows you to decide what you pay. Payment options include all major credit cards, PayPal, or invoicing.

Use only what you need

Whether you want to purchase monthly, quarterly, or annually, we let you to make the decision through our self-service platform. Your credits are always available to you when you need them.

No Overages

Once your credits are used up, we won’t charge you for additional credits until you decide to make your next purchase.

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