Why is email verification important?

An email verification service is vitally important to your business if you are sending bulk emails to customers, clients, followers, donors or any other sizable subscriber list. Think of an email verification web service as an insurance policy that protects the sender reputation of your business.

What are spam traps?

Spam traps are a common problem for email marketers, especially for those who rely on rented or purchased lists. A spam trap is an email address that was set up — sometimes years ago — in order to help identify spammers who send emails to users who have not opted in to their messages. While well-intentioned, spam traps frequently make their way onto public lists.

Sending messages to spam traps on a list can hammer a business’s sender reputation. In a worst-case scenario, your IP address could be blacklisted by email providers. Imagine the damage that could result if you were suddenly faced with the prospect of being unable to send emails to your most faithful customers.

Verias identifies spam traps on your lists so they can be removed before they do any damage to your business. Our user-centric, self-service email validation service protects your business from the hidden danger of spam traps, no matter the size of your lists.

We provide a trusted email verification service

In addition to identifying spam traps, the email list validation service provide by Verias can shield your lists from duplicate email addresses, such as when one user signs up multiple times or a two people sign up with same address. We also protect against harvested email addresses that may have ended up on a purchased or rented list without the knowledge of their owners. Sending messages only to valid and active users is the way to maintain a high sender score, which reassures email providers that you are a legitimate and trusted sender.

Verias’s trusted email verify service works to clean your lists and protect your business by:

  • Identifying invalid email formats
  • Identifying and fixing misspelled emails
  • Ensuring the accurate status of email domains
  • Accurately predicting whether individual emails will deliver, hard bounce or soft bounce
  • Reporting in real time on recipient activity, including last open-date

The email verification service from Verias protects your business’s reputation by working with you to maintain clean, active email lists. We help our clients work smarter, not harder, when it comes to running an email marketing business by providing them with fast processing and in-depth analytics. Contact Verias today to learn more about how our email verification web service can enhance your bottom line.

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