How the Verias Email Address Validation API Benefits Your Business

Businesses that depend on email marketing rely on their list quality to reap profits, protect their brand’s reputation, and even avoid legal problems. The Verias email validation API makes the most of your marketing investment by ensuring that the right people see your messages and the wrong people won’t.

Even more, our email address verification API can help you measure the quality of email lists to make better business decisions in the future. Learn how you can use our API to validate email addresses, gather business intelligence, and most of all, stay in contact with your customers.

You can use our API to check valid email addresses in two basic ways:

Real-Time Email Validation

Our email validation service API can verify email addresses on your platform as you collect them. Simply pass the email address and your API key. Not only will the system tell you if the user formatted his or her address correctly, it can also tell you if the address exists on the specified server. This helps catch user errors, keeps users from inputting dummy addresses, and maintains list quality.

Batch Email Validation

You also probably need to check lists that you’ve already collected. Alternatively, you can use our API to validate email addresses in bulk. You should have an easy time understanding how useful this can be to help you check the quality of purchased lists or to clean and refresh old lists.

Verias Email Address Verification API Features

Besides our real-time and bulk email validation service API, we offer numerous useful features. These include:

  • Lead scoring: We can combine our AI and your data to evaluate how fresh your leads are.
  • Identifying hard bounces: We can pinpoint hard bounces with 98 percent accuracy, so you can remove or research them.
  • Checking for spam traps: Don’t accidentally get caught in spam traps that can impact the deliverability of your entire list.
  • Reporting and analytics: You can only really improve your email lists when you understand them, and that’s why we offer concise reports and analytics.
  • Advanced encryption: We understand how much you value your private data, so we’ve adopted an “encrypt everything” philosophy.

Of course, you can use some features of our email address verification API on your platform. For example, you may enable the real-time verification as you collect leads on your website. In other cases, you’ll appreciate our user-friendly, intuitive, and high-performance platform that makes verification and other functions a breeze.

We Improve Email Deliverability

You need to know if your emails will make it to an inbox before you click send, and that’s exactly what we will help you do. Not only can we improve deliverability by preventing you from sending emails to the wrong places, we will help protect your reputation by keeping your emails out of bad neighborhoods.

Get in touch today to request a free trial. Let us know which parts of email delivery cause challenges, and we’ll show you exactly how our email address validation API can help.

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