Data Append Services are available

If you’ve been in business for a number of years, you probably have a robust customer and lead list. These lists are one of your most valuable resources to generating revenue and the continued prosperity of your company.

We understand the importance of this and can assist with increasing the value of these contacts. With our data append services, we add missing data points to your client and lead lists that you’ve generated over time. We also focus on updating existing client data that may be outdated with our robust database that is updated daily, which means we can help you remove bad emails and phone numbers as well as give you the most current postal details. With our service, there are many benefits to your company collaborating with a professional data enrichment service to enhance and update your lists.

  • Data Integrity
    When you append your data through us, your lists become more defined and robust. It allows you greater understanding in the demographics you market to and better overall knowledge of your customer industries. When you work with Verias, we can append details such as email, phone, address, gender and credit details.
  • Data Cleaning
    When you append your data, you also help with cleaning your data. Appending your data with the most current details allows you to remove errors in names, addresses, email and phone records. Having errors in your database can cause significant financial losses as well as replication and duplication of your records.
  • Re-engaging Old Contacts
    By appending your data, you’re able to recover crucial information about your legacy contacts that allow you to re-engage, which is vital to your company’s financial stability. We can append many data points for you, including email, phone, address and credit details.
  • Cost
    The cost of losing data and clients is significantly higher than the cost to retain and maintain them. Making a small investment with a professional data append service will be significantly cheaper in the long run compared to the cost of maintaining your database on your own or staring down the prospect of reinvesting to onboard new clients.
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