Tracking detailed email list analytics can tell you how consumers on your list are responding, to which messages they are responding, and whether your emails are likely to go in the spam folder before you click “Send.”

Here is a closer look at what the email verification analytics platform from Verias can offer your business. We’ll start by examining list metrics you should be tracking, along with why those are important.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The CTR is the percentage of people on your list who clicked on any link provided in your emails. This is a much more important metric to assess than a simple open rate. The CTR tells you how effective your messaging is. A consistently lower click-through rate indicates there is work to be done. A higher CTR implies your messages are performing well, and you may not want to make significant changes to your messaging just yet.

Conversion Rate

This is the percentage of people who follow through by taking an action after they click a link. Examples would be making a purchase, signing up for a new email list, or voting in a poll.

This metric is even more important than your CTR because it starts to tell you how recipients are responding to your messaging. Did a majority of conversions click on your first call to action (CTA)? Were they drawn to the eye-catching graphic you used for a product? Your conversion rate begins to give you a snapshot of which portions of your emails are the most compelling to your list.

Sharing/Forwarding Rate

This metric shows how well “digital word of mouth” is impacting your business. When recipients share your messages on social media or forward them to friends and family, this gives you new contacts with whom to engage — which relates to list growth. Tracking these types of strategies that work best in your Verias dashboard enables you to adjust future messages for greater impact and reach.

Bounce Rate

This metric is part of the reason why an email verification analyzer like Verias is so important. When you send a message to an email address that is invalid, it receives a “bounce.” These can be hard bounces or soft bounces. A soft bounce indicates a temporary problem with a real address; that person’s inbox could be full, or the email provider’s server could be having issues. Soft bounces will resolve themselves eventually.

Hard bounces, on the other hand, are a problem for your email list. If your bounce rate is too high, email providers will assume you’re a spammer — and then you have major issues to resolve. Your email validation analytics dashboard from Verias tracks hard bounces and makes it easy to remove those addresses from your list.

Growth Rate

Every email list will start to decay naturally over time. Most bulk email senders experience an email list decay rate of over 20% per year. Because of this fact, you need a strategy for consistent list growth if you want to expand your business and remain effective. Your growth rate is another metric that can be easily tracked from your Verias dashboard. If you’re experiencing difficulty growing your list, Verias can help.

Are you struggling to maximize the potential of your email marketing business? It’s time to start tracking these key metrics and jump-start your email marketing!
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