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We offer competitive pricing and custom plans
that works for your business needs.

Number of emailsPrice per email
5K - 25K emails.007¢
25K - 50K emails.005¢
50K - 100K emails.0038¢
100K - 250K emails.0026¢
250K - 500K emails.002¢
500K - 1M emails.0015¢
1M - 2M emails.0013¢
Subscription plans

Subscription plans

We offer competitive and cost effective plans. Contact us for pricing.
Mobile phone verification

Mobile phone verification

Need more than 2 million emails verified?

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Pricing the way it
should be:

Verias Easy

Prepaid pricing

Prepaid pricing

We reward you for knowing what you need with a prepaid credit model that allows you to decide what you pay. Payment options include all major credit cards, PayPal, or invoicing.
Use only what you need

Use only what you need

Whether you want to purchase monthly, quarterly, or annually, we let you to make the decision through our self-service platform. Your credits are always available to you when you need them.
No Overages

No Overages

Once your credits are used up, we won’t charge you for additional credits until you decide to make your next purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find documentation on the Verias Live API?

We offer our documentation for our Restful API that can be integrated anywhere at no additional cost. It can be found after logging in to the platform here: Verias Login

How do I know which emails are good to send to and which are harmful to my campaign?

Our technology identifies your emails based on different factors to give you quality scores of each one. You will find High, Medium, Low, and Bad emails in your results that correlate to each email’s quality. We suggest you email the High Quality emails while being cautious with the Medium ones and NOT sending to the Low or Bad emails in your list.

Should I expect any bounces after using this service?

The Verias Value is that we assure your campaign of lower than a 2% bounce rate depending on the domains that you decide to email. We cannot guarantee 100% deliverability, but we can protect you from many of the headaches created by hard bounces and spam traps.

When I upload my email list to the Verias platform, can I expect top-tier security for my data?

Here at Verias, we pride ourselves on being industry-leading with our encryption protocols in order to ensure your peace-of-mind in keeping your data on our platform.

Regarding the speed of Verias’s verification & scoring process, what can I expect?

One of the greatest differentiators of our service is how easy it is to use, but also the speed of verification is second-to-none with 250,000+ verifications per hour.

What should I know about the Freshness Scoring aspect of this service?

Our Freshness Scoring gives you an idea of how common the emails in your list are so you can form expectations about the positive responses you will receive from each campaign. You can expect higher positive responses based on the closeness of your freshness score to “100”.