Utilize Mobile Verification To Maximize Your Marketing ROI

If your business is in the e-commerce space, you know how valid phone numbers can be and how they play a part in communicating with your consumers and delivering the products and services you offer. Some businesses call or text to market their products and services while others use phone numbers to send text informational messages and engage customers who need support.

The importance of having up to date, valid phone numbers is fairly obvious but why do businesses need phone verification and what exactly are the benefits? Let’s dive deeper into this question below…

5 Major Reasons to use Mobile Verification

Here are a few distinct advantages for utilizing a phone verification service and why you should adopt it as part of your marketing strategy:

1. Businesses Save Money in the Long Run

Up front, you’ll have to spend some money to onboard a phone verification service. Most company charge “credits” to verify phone numbers and this will be your initial upfront cost. However, this cost is well worth it because phone verification can help businesses save money in the long-run.

Valid phone numbers mean you’ll be sending messages or making outbound calls to the right contacts. Businesses will also save money by not spending on texting to invalid numbers or landlines. There is also the human element of employees not wasting time reaching out to invalid numbers. How does texting or calling the wrong people affect potential revenue lost for your business? These are all great questions to consider.

2. Improves Delivery

Delivery of an sms campaign can be expensive and one of the more costly expenditures your company will incur with your marketing efforts. For this reason, you want to make sure you’re reaching the right people and the most people you can. Mobile verification will help remove those unwanted numbers that aren’t active or can’t receive sms or mms marketing campaigns. Removing those numbers from your lists ahead of time will help improve your overall delivery significantly, avoiding unwanted headaches with your delivery provider and improving the return on your delivery spend.

The e-commerce space flourishes on mobile communication. Verifying an order or delivery date,sending the latest promotion or providing customer support are all vital functions that use mobile communication. Imagine if you can’t connect to your customers in any of those scenarios? The best way to make sure you avoid that and keep your relationships strong is by constantly keeping your contact information up to date.  

3. The Role It Plays In SMS/MMS Marketing

SMS marketing in thee-commerce space is enormous. According to reports, there will be 4.3 billion smartphone users by 2023. Having the capability to connect and market to these users is of the utmost importance, whether it be by phone, sms or mms.

This is just one more reason why businesses spend thousands per year on phone marketing. Investing in phone verification helps improve your reach and maximizes your overall marketing spend. Marketing to bad phone numbers contributes to wasting your budget and contributes to a less than ideal ROI.

4. Time Is Money

We only have 8 hours in a typical work day, so optimizing our daily processes and practices are paramount. With phone verification, you can make your job easier as it helps ensures you’re getting in touch with the person you’re trying to reach.

How much time does it take to pull up a phone number and dial it? How about the length of time it takes for you to call and connect with someone only to realize that you’re speaking to the wrong person? You can’t just hang up, you need to vet out the call first to determine if you’re indeed speaking to the right person. You also have to log the result of the call in your CRM. Each of these steps can average 2-3 minutes per instance and contributes to a lack of productivity.

For mobile and sms marketing campaigns, how long does it take to put together your list of customers to contact and the messaging you want to utilize? How long does it take to load your campaign and deploy, only to realize that it delivered to 70% of the people you intended to reach? Could the overall time spent on executing your sms campaign been better utilized if your delivery reached the majority of your list? Afterall, time is money right?

5. Build Customer Rapport

Your clients expect that you have their correct details. What they don’t want to hear from you is how you sent an sms to the wrong person or how you couldn’t contact them with a phone call.

Existing customers and prospective clients submit incorrect information often and more times than not, they expect you, the business to correct things. The customer is always right, no? For these reasons, it’s important to have phone verification for your business.

With the right phone number, you’ll be able to connect to your clients in a timely manner and when it’s needed the most. Email communication is great and quite reliable but can be much slower than reaching out by phone or sms. Phone calls or text messaging provides instant communication and allows your business to send information quickly and seamlessly. Being able to address concerns, get the right information across and provide the latest in what your company has to offer will help enhance your brand and your customers will appreciate your efforts.

How can I verify my phone numbers?

You could always verify your information manually but who wants to do that! This is way too time-consuming,not to mention what the potential costs would look like. By using a phone verification solution provider like Verias, you’ll be able to verify thousands of numbers in minutes, saving both time and money in the long run. Not to mention the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you’ll be reaching the right people and maximizing your ROI.

Our Verias mobile verification service includes 500 free credits to help you learn about how our phone verification service can help your business.

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